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Alu Cairo


Individual firm founded in 2014 with a capital of £ 17000.000 ability (seventeen million Egyptian pounds do not), one of the branches of Delmar company to produce aluminum sections and a staff of 55 employees.

Alu Cairo Company engaged in the export of aluminum so as to increase tax proceeds too large to support the state treasury as well as the return dollarised against the export of these products to the outside of all the African countries and the Middle East.


It has been expanded activity to include a new branch in Bridge of Suez area as an authorized distributor for the company Delmar to produce aluminum sections LLC (Elio Cairo 2) and will also be the creation of two other branch, God willing, in Alexandria, as well as in Mansoura in during 2016/2017 m .

As well as the company in the process of developing its own aluminum for doors, windows and facades system and Alkladenj Alaketroustatek all colors and wooden and silver.


We promise everyone providing superior and backed by excellent products and services that will enhance the competitiveness of our customers and our allies and their ability to achieve leadership will be achieved through the dedication of our employees and support this permanent suppliers would will enhance our position as the leading wherever it is our presence and to ensure that growth always.

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