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Aluminum Pressing

Delemar owns 2 pulling presses from the biggest Chinese companies (Yejing) with capacity 2500 ton & production capacity 800 ton monthly for each press.

The operation of producing aluminum profiles starts when the aluminum cylinders pass with its cylinder form across the heating furnaces until its temperature arrive to the level that it can be formed.

As the Hydraulic arm of the press is pushing it via molds & the aluminum pressing is done after having the form of the die slot.

  • Aluminum heating process before pushing it in the press.
  • Aluminum pressing process.
  • Exit of aluminum in the form of profiles on the handling table in the front of the press.
  • This profile is cut automatically then get cooled then mechanically pulls
  • then cut back to the final required lengths.
  • These profiles enters to hardness ovens and after that they are subject to highly accurate tests for quality control concerning dimensions
  • hardness and properties.