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  • Surface Treatment

    After aluminum pressing process finished the aluminum profiles moves to one of surface treatment departments where Delemar is characterized by its ability to treat the profiles best treatment of all factories.


    By which we can add one of the attractive bronze &light or dark gold colors on aluminum surface


    Give you the chance of choosing between a variety of colors to suit different tastes and in keeping with the general appearance & the decorations Interior & External.


    This is the most modern methods of surface treatment which Gives the maximum protection and color fastness under the harshest surface & weather conditions with the highest level of workmanship and beauty.

    All these previous kinds of Phases of treatment aim to add a Protective coating packing the surface of aluminum profiles completely which protect them from Weather conditions as Humidity, temperature and corrosion etc… and by that aluminum retains attractive appearance over the years.

    About the coating layers which are treated by Oxidative method give the metal a high level of resistance against rust & give it an attractive form in many colors, as for the selection of one of these means it depends on engineering specifications set and type of the final usage of aluminum besides the personal taste for the client or the end user.


    Aluminum Untreated

    These are profiles without surface treatment and being with the normal color of aluminum.

    Aluminum Oxidizer

    Be an oxidizing profiles with sulfuric acid and their colors be

    • Silver
    • Black
    • Gold
    • Bronze

    And split into Aluminum oxidizernon glossy its color

    • Silver
    • Black
    • Gold “light and dark”
    • Bronze “light and dark”

    *Aluminum oxidizer glossy be the same colors based on client request .

    Dimensions and Forms

    Dimensions and forms are determined by client scale , there are non- architectural profiles don’t need high precision in the contre of the architectural profiles which uses for it alloy 6063 only and this is must be considered very well.

    Surface Quality

    Many tests are done during every stage of production to make sure that the surfaces do not have a roughness or defects.
    Delemar produce features and un usual, distinctive dimension so as to satisfy the desires and needs of markets.